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The Best Corner Cabinet Plans for Your Home

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Homemakers are often faced with the problem of tight spaces in their homes. Maximizing the available space is possible by creating corner cabinets which can serve both practical and decorative purposes in almost any room in your home such as the kitchen, dining room, bathroom or living room.

Building corner cabinets are made easy and achievable with good corner cabinet plans that meet every budget and décor style. Corner cabinet plans offer woodworkers choices that range in size, color and product material that complement the existing interior decoration of a particular room or blends with the other furniture pieces.

Functions of Corner Cabinets

Depending on the corner cabinet plans of your choice, corner cabinets provide practical uses that make them an asset for storage purposes as well as decorative pieces. In the living room corner cabinets are used to showcase objects of art such as collectible figurines or dolls. Corner cabinets in the living room are commonly called curio cabinets and the corner cabinet plans for them specify the use of a glass front and Cherry wood material.

Corner cabinets in the kitchen are used to store china, cookbooks and other items that kitchen cabinets could no longer accommodate such as dishes for everyday use, a variety of cooking pots, pans and baking paraphernalia. The same is true for corner cabinets in the bathroom that hold towels, toiletries, and small personal electrics.

In the bedroom or guest room, corner cabinets are used to store bed linens, pillows and blankets. There are also corner cabinets that are placed in the corner of a hallway that serve as storage for books or magazines.

Tips in Choosing the Right Corner Cabinet Plans:

1.Consider the space where the corner cabinet will be placed – the dimensions of the corner cabinet will depend on how big or small you intend it to be.

2.Make sure the materials specified in the corner cabinet plans are readily available in your local lumberyard, building center or home improvement store.

3.Determine the purpose of the corner cabinet – more intricate designs are suggested if the corner cabinet will be placed in the living room to serve as a curio cabinet for small art items such as glass figurines or other breakable art items.

4.Make sure the instructions for assembling the corner cabinet is clear and easy to follow – corner cabinets are usually easy to make even for newbie woodworkers.

5.Consider the cost – the more intricate the design the more expensive it gets because of the materials to be used such as glass, brass, bronze, iron, metal and steel rather than the more contemporary design that uses wood alone or combination of wood and glass.

The best things to look for in corner cabinet plans are: step-by-step instructions, materials list, diagrams, drawings, and full-size patterns and as much as possible colored photos of the finished corner cabinet.

Any corner cabinet plans that gives these basic requirements will guide you in assembling the corner cabinet that will showcase your skill as well as give you a sense of accomplishment.